This, unfortunately  will be the last Core Concentrations blog post. In this blog, I will be blogging about my best and worst time in seventh grade. My best time in seventh grade was being able to meet new friends  I meet a whole lot of friends  I hope that I will be able to see them again next year. My worst time in seventh grade was when I forgot to turn in two important assignments  and when I forgot my Math book. I went to talk to both of the teachers the next morning and they gave me full credit for the assignment  I guess talking to my teachers is not as bad as it seems. 

What are your best and worst times throughout your life? Maybe it was getting caught in the rain or winning a game. Whatever it was I would like to hear it. Well this will conclude the Core Concentrations blog post. This is the last topic for Core Concentration. Just remember to have your papers in your bag so you don't have to forget them!
Today is Core Concentrations Thursday. In this blog I will be blogging about the Colombian exchange. I am going to tell you the great things about it and the bad things about it. Before I tell you about this, I am going to explain what the Colombian Exchange is. The Colombian Exchange was the trade between Europe and the Americas. They traded all kinds of items , Now that you have a clue to what the Colombian Exchange is, now it is time to tell you the pros and cons. Pros: you got what you needed, yu traded what you did not need, and everything was fine in your economy. Cons: you could have picked up a disease while trading something, you could have gotten ripped off, and people sometimes would not to trade with you if you are lower class.

    These are the main pros and cons when it comes to the Colombian Exchange. Do you think that there could be another reason? Or maybe one of my reasons was wrong? Comment down below and let  me know what you think! Just remember that the exchange was between  Europe and the Americas.
Until the next Core Concentrations blog!
     This Tuesday all of the 7th graders went to the zoo. While we were there, we had to do some worksheets when we saw the animals. This blog will be about my favorite worksheet that we had did. My favorite worksheet was when we went to visit the flamingos. We actually saw a flamingos leg bone and egg. The leg bone was very fascinating  It was a very skinny piece of bone. It looked like a stick or a small tree branch. The egg was about the size of a softball. While doing the worksheet, we were looking at the flamingos. Some of the flamingos were standing on one leg. Did you know that when flamingos are born they are a silvery gray kind of color! They get their salmon or pink color from the food that they eat.

Going to the zoo with my group was fun. It was also fun to know a little bit more about an animal as well. There were a lot of animals when we went. The station that was not included when we went was the one were you got to feed the giraffe. It would have been great if we got to feed the giraffe. That is okay, besides the flamingo station would have been better anyway! Until next Core Concentrations blog post!
     Todays blog will be about the comparison to the fall of the Inca and Aztec Empires. The both falls were caused almost my the same reason. They both fell to the Spaniards. The Spaniards are a group of people who took over the Aztec and the Inca civilization. They were very powerful because they took down both empires. The emperor of the Inca at the time was very  nervous about them, so he ordered his village to melt down all of the gold and silver items into a pile and give them to the Spaniards. Before that the emperor wanted to meet with them, so when he meet with them the Spaniards killed him and took all of his treasure. After that the Inca empire became very vulnerable to being apart.

     The Spaniards are also very smart. They figured out a way on how to defeat both if the empires. If they had not destroyed them then probably someone eles would have. There are many ways on how both empires fell that were similar, but I think this was the most important. What do you think the both empires have in common when they fell? I hope that you can take this question into consideration! Until next time!
          Todays blog will be on how the Scientific Revolution affected World History. It affected it in manny ways. One of the ways is  that it helped people know how the universe looked like. This is the major reason, because back then people thought that the universe looked different that what they said it looked like. The other reason that it changed history a lot was the invention of the telescope by Galileo Galilee. He invented the telescope so that people could look up in the sky. He invented this will the lens of eyeglasses. People could now see and understand how the sky looked like. Later on, another man came in and made the telescope better, but we will talk about him later on. For me the next reason was the invention of the heliocentric theory  The heliocentric theory was developed by Nicolas Copernicus. This changed how man now thought of the universe. This theory states that the sun is in the center of the universe.

           For me, these three reasons are the most important ones, because they changed history a lot. Without a telescope, how could be see the universe? What are you three reasons on how the Science Revolution effected worlds history? These are mine, I hope that you can agree with these reasons! Click on the link below to learn more. Until next Core Concentrations blog post!
Today I will be blogging about the best thing that happened to me during seventh grade. The best thing that happened to me was that I got my laptop! I was really excited when my parents got it for me. In August, my family and I went to BestBuy to buy the laptop. I was really excited, because I could do my school work at home instead of staying after school to finish it. This was a memory that I will never forget. My parents would by the laptop, but on one condition, I had to have excellent grades on my report card. Lucky for me, I had have great grades so far. 

     What was your favorite moment during you school year? Maybe it was meeting new friends, getting great grades, excelling at something, etc. What ever it was, I would like to know. This laptop really, really, really helped me out a lot! I am just so greatful to have this. What is the best item that you ever had to help you achieve something? I would like to hear firm you! Well then, I hope that I gave you something to think about! Until next Core Concentrations blog post!
Have you ever heard of the Mayan civilization? This is also known as the "Classic Age." It fell a really long time ago. There are many reasons for its decline  This blog will tell you about the theory that I think caused the Mayan  civilization to collapse. I think  that it collapsed because of war. This caused much of the Mayan civilization to be won over by battle  I war, Mayans lost their soldiers too. If they lost over 2/3's of their soldiers than that would mean they would have to replace that 2/3 with other people. This is like a cycle. If they always fell in to this cycle, their population would have decreased by a whole lot. There are many other reasons for their decline, but I think that this is one of the largest. 

Do you have a different opinion? If you do,I would love to hear it. If you want to learn more, click the link about te Mayan civilization. It was a great time in history.For example, they invented a writing system. Although the Mayan civilization collapsed, there are many people that still live through it. Through out all of the Aztec civilizations, this was one of th e best.
What was your favorite Aztec civilization? Well, until next time!

   It is hunting season. Every year we have to travel, because the animal population decreases. This  year is going to be a hard decision to decide whether we leave to another city or stay here. We have three months to make up our mind. This is a tough question, because there are a lot of woolly  mammoths were In live. In the new city- if we do move- has a lot of animals and crops, but it is very hot that some of the hunters can't hunt. The next morning I awoke from my tiring sleep just thinking about the choice. Then it occurred to me. What if some people from our city move to the new city and live there for a month. This would be a great idea, because it will help us decide. I will plan on speaking with the ruler to see if this is great.

     The next morning. I spend at least three hours on thinking about my speech to tell the ruler. I try writing something, and nothing turns out great. Finally, after another hour, I got it. I decided to run of in 30 minutes to tell the ruler. It is time to tell the ruler about my idea. "I think that is a great idea, and we will try it as soon as I can" ,said the ruler. I could not believe my ears! I was so excited! The next day. My plan is going into place! I hope my plan works.

     The ruler tested my plan. I am excited to say that it worked! On that day my family and I were treated to a nice dinner. The ruler also announced to the whole town that I am the one they come to before asking the ruler about any major plans. I was very happy that I made everyone proud!
     My favorite book through out the school year is "Ruby's Slippers". This book is about a girl named Ruby who moves to a new school and has to be in a talent show. She is required to do this. She is put into a group who is supposed to be the star of the show. The group had been practicing for months so Ruby doesn't know any dance moves. Later on in the book, Ruby and two other people decide to have a group by themselves. This works out great. At the end of the talent show, they announce the winners  Ruby and her group happen to be the winners. Ruby is glad, but her other group that she broke away from was not, well at least two out of the three people. This story had quite of a normal ending. I would rate this book a 9 out if 10, because this was your average and normal book.

  I really liked this book. The question for this blog prompt is: Do you like books with surprise or twisted endings? I am quite a fan of them. Twisted endings kind of give the reader something to think about. If you would like to hear more about this book, click the link under this blog post. Te link will take you to a website that allows you to buy the book and to read a little bot more about it. Until next Core Concentrations blog post!

         Have you ever heard about Martin Luther? Martin Luther was a famous person during the Reformation. He made the 95 theses. The these were about how the Roman Catholic Church shouldn't sell indulgences. Indulgences are pieces of paper that state that all of you sins are to be forgiven, and you will go to Heaven. Luther thought that God should be the only one to decide that. After some thinking and a lot of ink, the 95 theses were made.

         Today, I am going to tell you the five theses that I have for school:              
  1. Teachers should give less homework, because students are always busy.
  2. There should be longer break and lunch times.
  3. School should start at 9:00, because it is very hard waking up at 6:30 or 7 everyday, just to get ready for the school day.
  4. We should have more time for projects and assignments, because it takes a lot of time doing them.
  5. We should have different languages to learn that Spanish, French, and German.                                                                   

           These are some of my these for school. Try to make some theses for fun. For example, you can do it about pollution in the air, or why we should recycle more better. Have any great ideas? If you do, share them with me by commenting. Maybe you can make a change with what you come up with.