It is hunting season. Every year we have to travel, because the animal population decreases. This  year is going to be a hard decision to decide whether we leave to another city or stay here. We have three months to make up our mind. This is a tough question, because there are a lot of woolly  mammoths were In live. In the new city- if we do move- has a lot of animals and crops, but it is very hot that some of the hunters can't hunt. The next morning I awoke from my tiring sleep just thinking about the choice. Then it occurred to me. What if some people from our city move to the new city and live there for a month. This would be a great idea, because it will help us decide. I will plan on speaking with the ruler to see if this is great.

     The next morning. I spend at least three hours on thinking about my speech to tell the ruler. I try writing something, and nothing turns out great. Finally, after another hour, I got it. I decided to run of in 30 minutes to tell the ruler. It is time to tell the ruler about my idea. "I think that is a great idea, and we will try it as soon as I can" ,said the ruler. I could not believe my ears! I was so excited! The next day. My plan is going into place! I hope my plan works.

     The ruler tested my plan. I am excited to say that it worked! On that day my family and I were treated to a nice dinner. The ruler also announced to the whole town that I am the one they come to before asking the ruler about any major plans. I was very happy that I made everyone proud!

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