Today is Core Concentrations Thursday. In this blog I will be blogging about the Colombian exchange. I am going to tell you the great things about it and the bad things about it. Before I tell you about this, I am going to explain what the Colombian Exchange is. The Colombian Exchange was the trade between Europe and the Americas. They traded all kinds of items , Now that you have a clue to what the Colombian Exchange is, now it is time to tell you the pros and cons. Pros: you got what you needed, yu traded what you did not need, and everything was fine in your economy. Cons: you could have picked up a disease while trading something, you could have gotten ripped off, and people sometimes would not to trade with you if you are lower class.

    These are the main pros and cons when it comes to the Colombian Exchange. Do you think that there could be another reason? Or maybe one of my reasons was wrong? Comment down below and let  me know what you think! Just remember that the exchange was between  Europe and the Americas.
Until the next Core Concentrations blog!

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