Have you ever heard about Martin Luther? Martin Luther was a famous person during the Reformation. He made the 95 theses. The these were about how the Roman Catholic Church shouldn't sell indulgences. Indulgences are pieces of paper that state that all of you sins are to be forgiven, and you will go to Heaven. Luther thought that God should be the only one to decide that. After some thinking and a lot of ink, the 95 theses were made.

         Today, I am going to tell you the five theses that I have for school:              
  1. Teachers should give less homework, because students are always busy.
  2. There should be longer break and lunch times.
  3. School should start at 9:00, because it is very hard waking up at 6:30 or 7 everyday, just to get ready for the school day.
  4. We should have more time for projects and assignments, because it takes a lot of time doing them.
  5. We should have different languages to learn that Spanish, French, and German.                                                                   

           These are some of my these for school. Try to make some theses for fun. For example, you can do it about pollution in the air, or why we should recycle more better. Have any great ideas? If you do, share them with me by commenting. Maybe you can make a change with what you come up with.


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