Todays blog will be on how the Scientific Revolution affected World History. It affected it in manny ways. One of the ways is  that it helped people know how the universe looked like. This is the major reason, because back then people thought that the universe looked different that what they said it looked like. The other reason that it changed history a lot was the invention of the telescope by Galileo Galilee. He invented the telescope so that people could look up in the sky. He invented this will the lens of eyeglasses. People could now see and understand how the sky looked like. Later on, another man came in and made the telescope better, but we will talk about him later on. For me the next reason was the invention of the heliocentric theory  The heliocentric theory was developed by Nicolas Copernicus. This changed how man now thought of the universe. This theory states that the sun is in the center of the universe.

           For me, these three reasons are the most important ones, because they changed history a lot. Without a telescope, how could be see the universe? What are you three reasons on how the Science Revolution effected worlds history? These are mine, I hope that you can agree with these reasons! Click on the link below to learn more. Until next Core Concentrations blog post!

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