Think aboout this, you have the slope of the line, but you may wnat to ask some quesrions to see if it is correct. Here is another problem, you dont know what questions to ask. Well, that is were this blog comes in. In this blog, I will be telling you some questions that have to do with the slope of the line. With these questions, you can use them to check your work, ask the teacher for help, or try to solve the problem. In the next paragraphs, you will learn some questions to ask for anyone of your slope questions.

To check your work, ask yourself this: if I plug in the slope where the variable is, will I get the same answer? To help you visualize this, just use the formula y= mx+b to help find the slope of a graph, or like I said before, to help check your homework, or anything that has to do with this. This can be a very helpful formula. This equation will help you with everything math, especially Algebra! I am very glad that we are learning this now, so that we know how to do this we will already know how to solve it. I hope that you have learned a lot more than you did before! Until next time!

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