Today marks the eleventh anniversity of the 9-11 terror. It has been eleven years since the terror attacked. I hardly know any thing about this because I was going to be one years old,but this is what I heard that happen from family
members.Osama Bin Laden,sent two planes to crash in to the Twin Towers, in New York. The Twin Towers were pretty tall. In a split second, the planes immedietly crashed in the building. The Twin Towers fell over and there was smoke everywhere. There was still people in the top of the tower, so they didn't know what to do, so most of them jumped out the window. It was a horrorfiing seen, to people as they watched in person,or on the news. Some people described
it as a scene right from the movie. It was that bad. Osma Bin Laden was accused for this tragedy.

            To this day, we will never forget all the loved ones that we lost during this attack. It will be
a day that will always be reconized. Lets have a moment of peace for these victims that are no longer with us.

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