I could not believe how surprised I was when my uncle told me if I could serve for him in the war. He had said that he was very weak and fragile. I did not know what to say. I did not want my uncle to die of how weak and sick he was, but then I also did not want to be gone for more than a year from my family. Right when he said that to me, those exact things were what I was thinking in my head. He said the army would leave in about two weeks, so I had until then to make my decision  The next morning, I talked to the priest to lead me and guide me into doings what is right, going or staying. Of course  he said I should go. Then I decided to take a nice and calm walk to help me think about this more. While I decided, I ran into my old best friend, Michael. I talked to him about this and he really helped me out. He said I should go, not for me, but for my uncle. After listening to what the priest and Michael were telling me, I decided that I should go, not for myself's sake, but for my uncle.

Two weeks rolled by fast. My uncle was really glad and thankful to hear that I had agreed to go. In gratitude  he gave me his best fighting sword and helmet. Those two items really caught my eye. I thanked him, and about thirty minutes later, the army troop came to pick me up.  I was well on my way to becoming a knight. After about two hours of traveling, the army took me to see the Pope. The Pope had to make me an official knight. Right after we had done that, the troops taught me how to start fighting. We practiced every day. At first, they felt that if I was not well trained for the war, England would be in great danger. I proved them wrong. About a week later, I was as good as one of the men who was already fighting.

It was the day before the war would happened. I was really scared, but I kept thinking on how much I saved my uncle's life. Right after we arose from bed, we had to start practicing. Normally when I go to practice I don't feel nervous  but , today I felt kind of scared. I tried my best and put my effort  into practice, and I learned everything there was to know. A guy right next to me told me that I was a strong person. He said that I can handle this war. This made me feel more confident.

The day the war came, I was as confident in myself. I had a feeling that everything was going to be great. I felt even more confident  because I practiced alot.  The war was a real life expirence for me. I have never imagined that it would be very scary and harsh. The war had really shown me who I really was, and who I was fighting for . I kept thinking about my uncle when I was fighting. I felt really happy and glad that I had saved his life by fighting in the war.

I came home about a year and two months later. My family was really was really excited to see that I was alive. My uncle was really grateful as well. Right there in that spot, I felt very great that I had fought for my uncle and saved his life. Later on, my uncle started getting healthier,and  he helped me train in  my jousting.


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