Todays blog will be about how scientist could find rare plant fossils in Antarctica  This is because Antarctica used be combined with other continents  This is how rare plants show up in Antarctica. The reason that they fossilize very quickly  because of Antarctica's climate. Everyone knows that it is very cold there. Without good shelter, you can freeze to death. Plants don't really have heat in their body to keep them alive, so they freeze faster and you do not bury plants when they die, so they just lie there. That is how they become fossilized. Since almost the entire species is on the specific continent  they all die. That is why many plants that are fossilized are rare. Many people do not know that the species of that certain plant existed.

    I hope that you have now learned that this is the reason why special plants are fossilized in rare places. This could happen to anything. If the continents do collide again, I think that this will probably happen again. I hope that I have given you some food for thought. If you really think about it, why are  plant showing up in different places? This could possibly be why! This is what I think what do you think of it. Do you have a different opinion  If you do, I would love to hear it. Until next Science Solutions blog prompt!!

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