Do you know how to plot an equation with slope in it. It is very easy. Lets say that you have an equation like y=3/4 + 5. First before you  can plot it, you need to make a graph. Once you make a reasonable graph, you need to plot the y-intercept. In this case, the y-intercept is 5. All you need to do is put a dot on the positive five on the y-axis. Once you do, from that point go up three and over four. Why use these numbers? Well, you use these numbers, because that is the fraction that you are using in the equation. The numerator always goes up even if there is no more numbers on the number line. The denominator always goes to the right or the left it depends if the number is positive or negative  Once you have the points, you can connect them and find the slope.

         This is basically all you have to do. It is not that hard. I hope that you have learned how to plot the equation on a graph. To learn more about this, click here. This website uses the term "rise over run" that is also helpful to learning this. We are learning this in my Pre-Algebra class. Although it looks hard, it really is not. All you have to do is try it and learn it. Until next Math Monday's blog!

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