Todays blog will be about why 5^-2 equals 1/25. This was the math lesson that we had last week. The reason why this is 1/25 is because the base 5 has to be multiplied by ^-2, so first step is 5^-2. That would be -25. The second step is that when you are changing this to a fraction there is always a one for the numeration.  So it would now look like this 1/-25. Heres the next step what ever turns to a fraction, has to turn positive. That means that -25 has to be positive 25. The answer now would be 1/25. That is how you get the answer to that.

At first, I did not really get this math lesson. The reason on how I knew how to do it was I looked for the problem. Once I got the awnser, I would plug it back in the problem. That is one good stradege to use when your are not sure in it is right or not. After really paying attention to this I got it. I learned how to do this problem. This is just like fivth grade exponents, but a little bit challenging.

This was our math lesson. After practice, and practice, I finally got this problem,and know how to do it.

King M.
12/03/2012 1:35pm

it seems really short but good though.


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