Today is Math Monday. In this blog, I will be giving two helpful reasons where to use phythagoriam theorem. Pythagorimu theorem is when you have two sides of a triangle and your trying to find the other side, the solution to that would be A^2+b^ 2 would equal C^2. Here is a solution were you might have to use it. Say that you want to find out which path to grandmas house would be faster. There's one were you have to cross the lake and over two rocks,and there's another path were you would cross over the sand, and over a log. When you cross the sand it is two feet steps for second, and when you row the lake it takes 10 minutes which one is faster. This would be another great time to find pythagorium theorem. Another reason is you want to know how big two squares need to be to fill up a big square. So you know that the volume in one square will equal 3 and the big square will equal 7, so this is another reason you might be able to use phythagorium theorem.

     This is what we are currently learning in Mr. Dormans Pre-Algebra class. It is very very very easy if you know how to do exponents and root squares. Anybody can pick this up and earn it fast.

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