Today is Free Write Friday. In this blog I will be blogging about the fact that quarter two is almost over. Quarter 2 will be over in two weeks. After two weeks are over, we get Christmas break! Christmas break lasts for three weeks. We come back to school on January 14. I can't wait til Christmas break, because we have three weeks off from school, and all we have to worry about is after the end of three weeks its done and we go back to school. It is fun also, because we get to spend Christmas and New Years Day at home, instead of at school. I also love break, because you finally get to have some free time.

     So for the next two weeks before break, students really need to bring up their grades  so that they can have good grades before the report card comes out. Also, for many people, the next two weeks are very frustrating  All I can say is that I can't wait til' winter break. So, what are you doing over winter? I know that for a majority of that time I will read, and sleep!


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