It has been almost a week since Spring Break started. This blog will tell you about what I did during the week and a half of break  First on Saturday, my family and I packed our luggage to visit my great-grandma in Los Angeles. What was really great, was that I got to invite my friend Esmeralda. She also goes to the same school as me. I was really   fortunate to see her, because she is very old, and I only saw her about three of four times, because she lives in Los Angeles. After we went to see her, we drove to a hotel. I was excited, because the next day we were going to Disneyland! When we entered the park, the first ride we rode was called "Snow White's Scary Adventurous " It was not really scary. After that ride, we went to another fun ride, "Dumbo, the flying Elephant." It was fun. After going to see more exciting things, we all went on a fast and fun roller coaster ride. It went so fast that we couldn't keep our eyes open, because of the wind! After that we went on more rides, and also got a chance to see Minnie Mouse.

          My vacation was great! How about yours? Tell me what you did by commenting! Did you play an April Fools joke, or did you go somewhere? The best part of Spring Break was being together with my family and friends; I also liked sleeping in! Until next blog post!

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