Jim Henson was very famous because he created “The Muppets”. He is a puppeteer. His most famous character is “Kermit the Frog”.   He invented a lot of children shows, like “Sesame Street” and “Sam and Friends”. These inventions and ideas soon shot to fame. Sesame Street soon became a popular children's television show. This show is even still around today. The next paragraph will talk about puppetry. Puppetry is like a form of presentation. It is used to entertain young children. The tools to do puppetry is a stage and some puppets. Some people say that it originated in Asia, because of the type of puppetry they have there. Asia’s type of puppetry is called “Bunraku”. Others say that it came from Egypt about 30,000 years ago.  Puppetry is a type of performance that does require some skill.  You have to be able to see what the puppet is doing and be underneath the stage at the same time. You also need to be able to know how to work with your hands. That is very important, because you can mess up easily if you do.  It also requires puppets and an a group of people. All puppetry basically is performing a show with your hands.

          Jim Henson was a man who liked to entertain people. He was very kind to everyone that he met. He was very humorous too. Many people thought of him as kind of childish. He put all of his kind and humorous personality into all of his puppets, that is part of the reason why people love his creations.  Jim was really a person that everyone enjoyed having around. Jim had a great education. Jim attended the University of Maryland. He went to Northwestern High School. His major was studio arts. He thought he was going to be a commercial artist. Instead, he was a puppeteer. He graduated d with a Bachelor of Science degree. This is a blog post about Jim Henson. I hope that you have learned more about him and his skill with this blog.


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