French class is pretty easy if you know how to speak Spanish. Some of the words have the same root words, as Spanish does. For example: "lundi' and "lunes" both mean Monday. Words in french sound like English words as well,and some are spelled the same way. Like orange is spelled the same way in french as it is in English  I learned numbers and letters in french,and if your wondering it was pretty easy. We also learned basic colors,greetings,and weekdays. We had to sing two french songs that was pretty easy to learn. We are also starting Rosetta Stone.That is a program that teaches you all kinds of languages.The military and the government use is it as well. It is supposed to be good to teach you a language fast. All you really need to use it is Rosetta Stone,and ear buds with a microphone.

Anyways, my french class is lots of fun,and is really easy.My french teacher,Madame Hutchinson,is really nice as well. Maybe some day I will go to France and be able to communicate with the french people.

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