Today is Free Write Friday. In this blog I will be blogging about the simulation that we had last Thursday. On Wensday, we took notes on the Empire of Ghana. Little did we know that Thursday morning, we would have a simulation. A simulation is almost like a reinactment of somethig or someone. We reinacted the Empire of Ghana. There were special parts that some people had to play, such as South Africans, the Monarch queen, the people of Ghana, and so on. I was a South African in the simulation. I had valuable salt, that the Wanangarrans wanted. They had gold. In the simulation we had to silent barter. Silent barter is when you trade with out making contact with the one you are trading with. So, for example I would leave salt on a trade tabel, and then the Wanangarrans would come to see how much we traded and to see if it was a good trade. The Soninke Monarch would always have a special tax for traders.

                 During the simulation, I learned alot about Ghana and its empire. I also learned that Ghana was very famouse for its two valuable resources, salt and gold. It turns out the one who had the most pairs of gold and salt were the Wanangarrans. So, in our simulation they one.

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