Today  is Core Concentrations Thursday. In this blog I will be blogging about the most important thing that Japan borrowed from China. The most important thing was the Chinese way of speaking and writing. Japanese people borowed the launguage of Chinese for Japan. Back then Japan's government used the Chinese way of writting and speaking for a very 
long time, it was their official launguage for quite some time. This is one of the things that the Japanese borowed from China. I think this was a really big deal, because back then everybody spoke Chinese in Japan. Later on Japan had its own launguage, but before, they were speaking Chinese.  This is our lesson for history, so far in Mrs. Kanzlers Core class. This was a really major step, because back then they can communtcate to each other and trade their items.

What if Japan spoke another language? Their cultre and history would probably be different as it is today. There would also be no form of communication to China and other countries. As a review, Japan had a great impact on China. If you see a map of Asia, China is huge. Japan is also part the map.Therefore, that is probably the reason why Japn probably spoke Chinese insted of other languages, because both countries are so close together. Other small countries are greatly influenced by China.

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