One day in ancient China, I was farming my grain and wheat. I have been farming for an hour, but it seemed like a day. I was exhausted! Right when I was about to doze off into sleep, I heared a loud bang. It sounded like thunder. When I squinted my eyes to see what it was, I saw two, no....20 mongols riding on the back of horses with their weaponds. I didn't know what to do, so I ran really fast, as fast as my legs took me. It was no use the mongols were catching up. I thought they were going to get me, but then I had remembered that I had a secret doorway under my farm. When I went running to my farm, I found a shield that one of the Mongols had dropped. I used it to pretend that I was one of the Mongols, after the Mongols thought I was one of them, they just disapeared into the sun set. I was very thankful that I had found that sheild. It occurs to me sometimes that what if one of the Mongols did this to me on purpose. What ever it was it saved my life! 

Now that I haved learned a lesson. I think how lucky I was to find that shield.

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