Today is Core Concentrations Thursday. Islam is a religioun that Muhammad discovered. This is a religion that many Muslims have. Islam people have to follow the Qur'an. The Qur'an is a book that has all of Muhammads teachings inside it. In this blog we will be talking about how Islam spread during trade. I think that trade was is an important thing to Muslims and many other people, because this could be one of the reasons why and how Islam spread between different religiouse people. It also makes sense, because if your a trader that sells goods, you would probably always hear people praying and the religion would probably stick to and make you belive even more in the religion. Maybe, an Islam merchant would not trade with a person who was not the religioun of Islam, and if they wanted their goods they would have to convert to the religion. The people who might have traded with them might hear all about Islam, and might like the religion. This could be a possible anwser for people to convert to the religion Islam. There also could of been a little church right next to trading areas, and when people got out of church they would probably trade their goods. People might have came home to their family and tell them about the religioun Islam.
             I hoped this piece of information could tell you a little bit more on how Islam spread. This makes alot of sense, because like I said before maybe you could only trade with people that are your religion. 


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