Todays blog will be bout the three most important things that I am greatful for. One of them is that I have a family. I have a mom, dad, two sisters, and a little dog. I am thankful for that, because it would be tough not having a famil that you can count on. My second thing Im greatful for is to have food. There are many people in the world that don't have anything to eat. I am thankful for having somethings to eat. My third reason is that I have a place to live in. When it is raining the rain can't get me wet, because I have a roof over my head. Like I have said there is alot of people who don't have a shelter to live in. They don't have a roof over their heads.

These are three of my things that I am greatful for. What are yours? This holiday week I will be thankful for all of these things. I hope that I have motivated you to be a little bit more thankfull to be a better person of character. I hope during the holidays you will reflect on what the most imporatnt thingd you are thankful for and not on other minor things.
                Todays blog will be about the griots. The griots are the people who told stories to the people of West Africa. They told stories about everythingin West Africa, especially their emperor and how West Africa came about. In some of the griot's stories they would exagerate to try to make the sory come alive. One of the stories the griots probably told was "Sundita, the Lion king". "Sundita, the Lion king", is about an emperor who was kind, but when there would be danger, he would be as mean as a lion. That is a form of exaggeration, because they are comparing Sundita to a lion.

                The griots were a very important to West Africa, because they would entertain who ever it was they might be telling stories to. The emperor's would probably love to hear the stories told by the griots, because everyone could use a little story once in a while. The griots were also big in West Africa, because they gave people a chance to talk to them, The griots also probaly got paied as well. 

               This is what my Core techer has taught us about the griots. We are currently learning West Africa in our history books. I hope that you have learned a little bit more about the griots, because they played a secial part in West African history.