My favorite part about fall is the rain. I love rain, because it makes plants grow, and gives you a break from summer. Fall is also the tranisting point of Summer and Winter. Fall is also great weather, because that means the holiday seasons are comming, just like Thanksgiving. Fall is also nice, because I think that it keeps people together. Fall also means that the leaves will be changing color. This is a great example of science. This also connects to what we are currently learning in science right now about how cells are in every living thing.

                    Although fall seems to be my favorite season, it is not I love winter. It is just like fall, but in a more colder, wetter, fascinating way. Fall is really nice to, because the next season will be winter. It is really nice how two seasons are in a line together. It is also very interesting how time just changes and so dose the weather.

                I hope that you found this blog quite bit interesting, and hope that you will read my othe blogs as well.
                Todays blog post will be about why iron was so imprtant in Africa. Iron was important, because many African worriors used iron to make weapons, and other items. If they did not have iron, their land probably would not exist. Iron was also used for trade. People would make weapons out of them, and trade them for some other goods. Iron was very, very popular among traders and African people. This is just like the United States, one of the most powerful resorses is oil. We use oil to gas up our cars, and  for many other things. If we did not have oil we would probably be low of money, and the government would have to tax people more, just to get the funds they need. Imagaine if Africa did not have and discover iron. We would not have most of the things that we have today.

                  The development of iron really changed the lives of the West Africans. They could deffent themselfs like they couldn't before with iron. I think iron really hanged the lives for all of us. We use iron everyday. Thanks to the developement of iron we also have more weaponds and important things we use everyday. Iron is a resource that probably everyone, everywhere uses. I know that most of the items we have now, we would not have before, because iron was not invented yet. I hope you learned a little bit more about West Africa and how they developed iron.
                    Today I will be blogging about the climate regions in Africa, sahel, savannah, and the rainforest. I will also be blogging about which I think would bring hardships for daily living. The hardest climate I think is the one in Africa. It would be especially hard, because you are in the deset surrounded in sand and trees. There would be no one to really talk to, and you would be lucky if there was a tree that could produce fruit. Now I think that would be hard. Also, that it would be really really hot. You could die from heat stroke, because it would be super hot. I would pick to live in any other place than the desert, because of these hazards. We are lucky, because it is not as bad living were you are right now, than living in the desert. If I were to live in the desert, first I would quickly find shelter and start a fire, then I would go look for trees that have fruit and make sure that the fruit is okay to eat.

                    I'm not sure that I would survive in any of these places. It is very difficult to find shelter and food.  Also, what if there were wild animals that would be really hungry, and you would have to give them your food or else they would eat you. You would need to have survival skills, that most of us don't have, since we've never been in that situation.It can be very scary at times when you panic and don't know what to do. One thing for sure is that you need to remain calm and keep your head straight to survive.
    I have Mrs.Kanzler for my history/english period. Last Friday, we had a simulation of the Roman Empire. The whole class had a role to play, I was the province of Syria. I liked my role, but I would preffer to be one of the Romans. I wanted to be one of the Romans, because the were the wealthy ones, the ones with all the milatary. They could choose who to trade their army with. Everybody begged the Romans to give them millatary,because the barbarians, which too were also acted out, would steal their goods, their milatary,and kill them. Tward the middle of the simulation, the barbarians attacked. They stole everyones millatary and trade goods. They also had killed Rome. In the end the barbarians won. The city of Rome and the provinces lost and were killed,not literaly. This is what really happend with the Roman Empire, but then slowly it started to rebuild itself. I learned that the Roman Empire was an empire with many wealths, but just because you are wealthy dosen't mean you can get everything handed to you. 

               I thought that the simulation was a very good way to explain what really happend to the Roman Empire. I have learned more than what I knew before we studied this empire. I think this is a good way to learn, and not always straight from the book,like you always just say what the book is instructing to. I hope we can do some more simulations though out the year.

                  One day, my uncle came to town and asked me to go on a carravaan with him across the desert. My mom and dad were standing there right next to my uncle adnd they both stared at me. There was a long pause for what seemed like a whole ten minutes, but was actually one. Right before I was about to say "yes" they said "no". They said no because they didn't like the idea of me traveling across the very and scorchring sun. My uncle pleaded for them to let me, it was just a plaine "no". After they explained to me why i couldn't go I understanded, after all it was going to be a very hot weekend in July. My uncle promised me that he would write to me once he reached the postal office.  
              Weeks had pass and still nothing. I had figured that he hadn't reached the postal office yet. A week pased and I finale recived a letter. It read, that he had reached the desert and was doing fine. At the end of the letter it said he would be here in one week. As soon as I recived that letter, I had replied back. A week later my uncle showed up back in town. He told us about his trip and told me how hot it was in the desert. After my uncle left I thanked my parents for not letting me go.

                  Muhammad was born in Mecca in 570. He was orphand by both parents at age six. Was raised by Granddfather and uncle. He married Khadijah at age 25. He was a prophet. He used to go to a cave to meditate. One day, when Muhammad went to go meditate, an angel came to tell him a message from God. The message told Muhammad that there is only one God. The angel also telles him to spread the word of God. For three years, he kept this to himself, then he told other people about this. Muhammad belived this and told the people of Arabia. His teachings were not well recived at first, and even upset some of the people. Eventually, his teachings changed the way people of Arabia lived. The people belived that he was a prophet from God. His message helped him form a religioun named Islam. People belived that Muhammad recived messages from God for the rest of his life. All of his messages were published in a book called the Qur'an. The Qur'an is considered the holy book of Islam. His teachings were simular to Judasim and Christianity. 
                I hope you learned a little bit more about the life of Muhammad and his teachings.

                 The Five Pillars of Islam are pillars that show what Muslim people must do in order to be a good Muslim. The pillars have different rules I will name them. The first pillar is a statement of faith, Muslims must say out loud "There is no god but God, and Muhammad is his prophet". The second pillar is that Muslims must pray five times a day, they can pray in a group at a mosque or by themselves. The times they  must pray are before sunrise, at midday, late afternoon, after sunset, and before going to bed. The third pillar says that Muslims must give to the poor and needy. A part of their wealth goes to a religious official. The fourth pillar says they must fast during the holy month of Ramadan. They must not eat or drink anything from dawn to sunset. The fifth pillar is that they must travel to Mecca at least once in their lifetime.
              I think the hardest pillar for me would be the fourth pillar.  I would find it very hard and difficult, because you would have to fast for at least ten hours daily. I don't know that I could do that because I'm so used to eating three times a day.I would find it very difficult to go throughout most of the day without even drinking a sip of water. My day is so busy I'm constintely burning calories,I need to refuel my body. I don't think that I could perform my best without eating or drinking water. I feel fasting for a week is hard I couldn't imagine a month.

                  Today is Core Concentrations Thursday. Islam is a religioun that Muhammad discovered. This is a religion that many Muslims have. Islam people have to follow the Qur'an. The Qur'an is a book that has all of Muhammads teachings inside it. In this blog we will be talking about how Islam spread during trade. I think that trade was is an important thing to Muslims and many other people, because this could be one of the reasons why and how Islam spread between different religiouse people. It also makes sense, because if your a trader that sells goods, you would probably always hear people praying and the religion would probably stick to and make you belive even more in the religion. Maybe, an Islam merchant would not trade with a person who was not the religioun of Islam, and if they wanted their goods they would have to convert to the religion. The people who might have traded with them might hear all about Islam, and might like the religion. This could be a possible anwser for people to convert to the religion Islam. There also could of been a little church right next to trading areas, and when people got out of church they would probably trade their goods. People might have came home to their family and tell them about the religioun Islam.
             I hoped this piece of information could tell you a little bit more on how Islam spread. This makes alot of sense, because like I said before maybe you could only trade with people that are your religion.